Social Project in vision test and affordable Good Vision Glasses in rural, forgotten Bolivia.

Come and help us on campaigns – 2-3 months’ optician internship. Mobile units on outreaches: In Bolivia too, more than 150,000 inhabitants, mostly indigenous locals have sight problems and need glasses! But cannot afford them, not pay the high prices!

Milestones in Bolivia:

  • Hostelling International Bolivia Foundation – becomes ODG partner. Training and cooperation with ISSEM-High Institut of Visión-Optic Jobs for Good Vision eyeglass frame producers – the social program is called in Spanish: Lentes al instante (LAI) – because instantly improved vision is achieved. Immediately happy patients – Feliz al instante!

  • 2014 production facility in Santa Cruz; later also for Renovatio –  Ver Bem-Brazil and Lentes al instante in Peru Start with campaigns in schools, health posts, small hospitals and social institutions

  • 2015 outreaches with the LAI-mobile optical unit – local opticians and assistants after training “Asistente de Consulta Óptica”

  • 2016 for the first time more than 10,000 Good Vision eyeglass frames manufactured in Bolivia (in 2020 target 40,000 – by 10-12 local employees, creating strong income)

  • 2017 up to 20,000 eye tests annually – Consulta Óptica – by state-of-the-art screener From Adaptica-Italy

  • 2019  Commitment to build up Lentes al instante LAI -Peru – by external campaigns-seminars

  • 2020  later starting to form a LAI-Colombia and help with ROTARACT Venezuela.

This text comes from the annual report 2019 of Also thanks to the valuable help from SIEMENS Foundation Germany

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Lentes al Instante Bolivia