Bolivia, the highest and most isolated country in the heart of South America, is often called the “Tibet of the Americas”.

It’s a country of superlatives: it has the highest city on earth (4,100 m / 13,500 feet), the world’s largest expanse of salt (11,000 square kilometers / 4,086 sq mi), the (formerly) world’s most dangerous road, the highest (commercially navigable) lake in the world, the highest vulcano on earth (6500 m / 21,000 feet) and an incredibly high biodiversity.
It’s among the coldest, warmest, windiest, driest and saltiest places on earth. The only thing you want find here: the ocean.

Bolivia has an abundance of beautiful nature and a great countryside. The Altiplano in the widest stretch of the Andean Cordillera, the deep valleys with its colonial cities and the vast forests and savannas of the Amazon are defining the great variety of landscape. Bolivia hosts six UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

More than 60 % of the population claim Indian origin, traditional languages like Quechua, Aymara or Guarani still have an important role as well as the faith in “Pachamama” (“Mother Earth”). Bolivia is the most traditional, colorful and indigenous state of America.

As it offers not only fascinating nature and culture but also good value for money Bolivia is the ideal country for backpackers and independent travelers.
Foreign travelers have only recently begun to discover this country full of natural attractions, mysterious ancient civilizations, colonial treasures and national music. So underrated, it is still easy to stay from worn out routes.

Bolivia’s hostels are convenient gateways for exploring this vibrant, intriguing nation. International experience and deep local knowledge make HI-Bolivia a strong partner for tours and adventure options.